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По умолчанию The 3 most beautiful wedding dresses signed by designers

The 3 most beautiful wedding dresses signed by designers

Spring is the month par excellence of weddings, so Fashionblog remains in theme, showing 5 models of wedding dresses dream signed by the great couturier

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Nothing does more to sigh a woman, single or already ammogliata, a bell ' wedding dress from the Arabian Nights. A little 'for a kind of romantic notion that approaches the figure of nubenda to that of a princess, a little' because if you do not dare the day of you, when you can ever do , but the wedding collections of the big names are always a feast for the eyes.

And when we think of the dress to draw names and trademarks are not related to the bridal collection, maybe for the star turn in the odor of orange blossom, that's the wedding dress becomes a real object of desire. To make you dream, here are 5 models that have become cult, with the signing of the great couturier and celebrities who have worn them.

Our good Valentino Garavani is not entirely new to the design of wedding dresses, especially for actresses that has an eye. And if the last in order of time to make use of his services was the beautiful Sophie Hunter , before she's gone even Anne Hathaway , so Valentino designed a wedding dress fabulous. Clouds of white tulle and pink made Anne a real queen in her best day.

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Precious and regal gown designed by Nicholas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga for the wedding of Salma Hayek . Corsage worked with crystals, round neckline and wide skirt were the ingredients that made this model truly unforgettable.

And here is one of the most copied wedding dresses of all time, despite being relatively recent output. Obviously we talk about the dress she wore Kate Middleton for her marriage to Prince William Windsor. Sarah Burton , creative director of the Alexander McQueen brand, has created a masterpiece in silk, with lace macrame white, the work of embroiderers at the Royal School of Needlework in London.

Source: short wedding dresses


Let's go back to 1999 for the wedding of the then Spice Girl Victoria Adams and the handsome footballer David Beckham . For the occasion, the more posh spice girls chose to rely on the expert hands of Vera Wang for her wedding dress, a decision that gave birth to a beautiful model with bustier disk can emphasize the wasp waist of a skirt and Vicky princely with a train.

Dress Victoria Beckham signed Vera Wang
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